Form following function.

WHAT is the most useful size of plant to grow for customers wanting quality, utility, and economy?  That’s the first question we had to answer when we started our nursery over a decade ago.

Woody shrub and tree propagators had been using deep liners to give their plants a great start.  Over a decade ago, New Moon Nursery decided to pioneer the use of these 50-plant deep trays to grow our perennials.  This size creates 2″ plants with 4.5″ of roots.  The channels in the trays decrease root spiraling.  With twice the soil and root capacity of the ‘standard’ 50-plug tray used by annual and vegetable growers, our plants grow beefy root systems and vigorous top growth.


WHAT does this mean to our customers?

If you are a landscape contractor, public park, or municipality, you’ll probably be planting the plugs straight into the landscape.  No more carrying all those pots, and collecting them at the end of planting day.  No more standing and stooping to plant with a shovel – you can use a hand tool and work more efficiently.  And plants, cared for until established, are usually indistinguishable from their bigger counterparts in just one growing season.

If you are a wholesale nursery or garden center, deep plugs will give you a ‘quick turn’.  Potted into quarts during the growing season, our plugs will finish in about a month.  Five pint and trade gallon plantings should take 6-8 weeks, and one- or two-gallon plots are ready in 10-14 weeks.

All of our customers save money on per-plant costs, shipping costs, and labor costs when compared to the more conventional plant sizes.

So what are you waiting for?  It’s time to dream of spring.


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