Retailer Spotlight: Chesapeake Natives, Inc


We like to use the Retailer Spotlight to highlight places where home gardeners can purchase native plants. We, of course, are a wholesale nursery meaning we supply our plants to the trade. Though we do not supply plants at retail, we are thrilled to introduce you to the many great establishments all along the east coast that have native plants for your to purchase.

In some cases, retail operations may purchase plugs from New Moon Nursery, grow them on into landscape-sized plants and sell them to you. In other cases, these companies collect their own seed, grow their own plants and may never have worked with us at all. What’s important is that they have native plants to sell you, they believe in the same things we believe in and they are working hard to ensure biodiversity and ecological services thrive in backyards and home landscapes everywhere.

The Mission of Chesapeake Natives, Inc. is to promote, protect, and propagate plants native to the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.



Chesapeake Natives, Inc is a unique operation in that this retail nursery is a non-profit organization. According to their website, Chesapeake Natives, Inc began as Chesapeake Native Nursery in order to promote the local flora of the region. As their operation grew and the leadership refined their vision, they moved around a bit. Most recently they have settled in the beautiful historic greenhouse at the Mt. Airy Mansion in Rosaryville State Park in Upper Marlboro Maryland.


Not only has the organization taken over the 1935 historic greenhouse for the purpose of propagating 150 species of perennial herbs and their new offerings of trees and shrubs, they have repurposed the swimming pool on the property to propagate native aquatic plants!


All this effort has resulted in more than 100 local ecotype native species herbaceous perennials, trees and shrubs available in quarts and gallons.


To achieve this mission, in addition to propagating native plants local to the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, this organization offers school programs, helps to develop community native plant gardens and participates in local community events. Recently Chesapeake Natives, Inc was educating participants in the Mid Atlantic Invasive Plant Council 2015 Conference about the importance of natives as well as the types of plants Chesapeake Natives, Inc has to offer those restoring invaded natural areas.



All of this work, from propagation to education, is accomplished by a dedicated group of knowledgeable and enthusiastic volunteers.

If You Visit:

  • Make an appointment. This nursery is open by appointment only.
  • Nursery/ Visitation Address:
    *By appointment only*
    Chesapeake Natives Inc.
    9640 Rosaryville Road
    Upper Marlboro, MD 20784

A good time to visit may be the upcoming Anniversary Plant Sale:


We admire Chesapeake Natives, Inc for the work they do to educate people of all ages about the importance of native plants to a healthy community and a healthy planet.

We would like to thank Chesapeake Natives, Inc for allowing us to use their photos and website information for this post.

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