Other Native Plant Blogs: Flatbush Gardener

Amsonia hubrichtii Barnes Arboretum

Fall color of Amsonia hubrichtii, Threadleaf Bluestar, in the parking lot of the Arboretum of the Barnes Foundation in suburban Philadelphia

Obviously if you are here you are a blog-reader. Or at least curious about blogs. You likely appreciate other points of view and new information. Of course you can find that here. But we think of this as a business blog as much as a plant blog.

If you are the type to get your information not only from blogs and web related sources and attend a conference or two throughout the year you may have met the Flatbush Gardener, Chris Kreussling.

According to his bio Chris Kreussling has been gardening in New York City for nearly four decades. He has a Certificate in Urban Gardening from Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Chris is now growing 250 species of native plants and his garden is a registered Backyard Wildlife Habitat, Pollinator Habitat, and Butterfly and Monarch Garden and Habitat. He has hosted tours and conducted workshops to demonstrate how and why to employ native plants in urban settings. Chris documents this ongoing transformation and exploration on his gardening blog, Flatbush Gardener.

You may have heard him present a talk as he did at the most recent Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve Native Plants in the Landscape Conference at Millersville.  The topic at this conference was, of course, Urban Gardening with Native Plants. You can find the notes from this presentation at the link.

Why we recommend his blog:

  • Longevity – this is not some blog someone started and then after a few posts neglected to maintain – this one has been around since 2006 and is updated regularly
  • Relevance – as more and more of us live closer together we are in need of information regarding gardening in small spaces and the Flatbush Gardener does just this. Through excellent photos and researched descriptions, Kreussling, shares his experiences and lessons both inspiring and teaching.
  • Native Plants – we grow native plants. We want others to grow native plants. Kreussling is a native plant enthusiast to say the least. But this is no slide show of close ups of bits and pieces of plants. The Flatbush Gardener, through photos and captions, explains how he uses native plants in his landscape. Where they are and the reasoning for their inclusion and their location.
  • Resource – have questions about where to buy plants? What is a native? Plants native to a particular area? Where to see native plants? Chris gives you this information.
  • Big Picture – Chris’ blog is not myopic in scope but rather puts his decisions to garden with native plants into the larger picture of ecology and the urban landscape. In addition to plant profiles and photos of his own back yard endeavors, Flatbush Gardener includes sections on Urban Forestry, Phenology, Community Gardening and Invasive Species.
  • Niche – Chris sticks with what he knows and where he is connected – the urban landscape. The many resources available to readers of his blog are relevant to the urban gardener. Home owners new to landowning will find inspiration in the posts while those who have gardened in urban landscapes for decades will find new information, inspiration, tips and suggestions for plants to try and new ways to use them.

Even if you are not an urban gardener, you are a blog reader! Take a moment to check out Flatbush Gardener, we bet even those of us who steward acres of land will end up spending more than a moment there.



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  1. Thank you for taking a look, and your generous review of my blog!

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