Other Native Plant Blogs: The Prairie Ecologist

Dalea purpurea Purple Prairie Clover NMN

Purple Prairie Clover Dalea purpurea is native to North American Prairies.

We are a sucker for great photos.

The Prairie Ecologist has great photos. Visit for the pictures. Insect pictures, flower pictures, wide mid-western prairie pictures.

Stay for the words.

They are all (well, mostly) contributed by Chris Helzer. Chris is the Director of Science for the Nature Conservancy in Nebraska. He documents the seasons, research, fire and the web of life in prairies. He records the successes and challenges of restoration efforts.

He is a cheerleader for the tiny and the over looked. Take a recent post about grass flowers – Grasses have Flowers Too, stunning photography, comprehensible ecological explanations are the hallmarks of this excellent blog.  He is realistic and honest, exploring everything from the lack of knowledge about prairie soils and lack of diversity among the ranks of those studying diversity to the new lessons he learns while out in the field.

Chris Helzer is also a cheerleader for the big picture.

Check out his Square Meter Photography Project, where he spent a year photographing the life in a square meter of restored prairie.  His Prairie Photos make you want to visit if you have never been there and likely take you right back to a visit you’ve had before.


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