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Inviting Parasites to the Garden

A while back we talked about plants you can include in your landscapes to attract predatory insects to your landscapes. This would not only enhance the diversity of your garden but of your insect population and help control insect pests naturally with little input from the gardener. Another type of beneficial insect you may want […]

Underused Plants:Amsonia tabernaemontana v. salicifolia

Seems there is a lot of controversy in this small native plant world. One of the points of contention that keeps arising is the kerfuffle over whether cultivars of native plants are, in fact, native plants. We here at New Moon, are not in the business of telling you what to think. Remember our discussion […]

Native Plants for Attracting Predatory Insects

Pollinators, especially the beautiful butterflies and the honey producing European honeybee seem to be getting all of the good press lately. People seem to be more aware of the fact that insects can be good and can be valuable. People are starting to think about ‘bugs’ when they purchase plants and when they consider how […]

What Makes Plants Salt Tolerant?

Wintery roads and sidewalks are often coated in salt for most of the winter. As snow melts, this creates a saline brine that infiltrates the garden beds and soils abutting the access ways. Some plants find this most unpleasant and eventually succumb to the salt. Other plants do not seem to mind these conditions at […]

But Nothing Will Grow There

The poor black walnut, Juglans nigra, is often maligned. People seem to roll their eyes when they see they have on in their yard, or have to contend with one in their recent project. Some dislike it because it is the first to lose its leaves in fall a sure sign that winter is coming. Others know that […]

Heavy Metal

Generally around here if we are talking about Heavy Metal it is Panicum virgatum ‘Heavy Metal’, we are into more mellow sounds ourselves. You may have noticed as you look at our plant descriptions in the catalog and online, we are talking about different heavy metals now. In fact, if you use our website’s “Search by […]


So often people are planting plants simply for aesthetics. Those who choose native tend to plant for additional reasons. Sure, aesthetics play a role but ecosystem services like clean water, pollinator forage, clean air, soil improvement may also be considered. As we enter the holiday season and begin spending more time with friends and family […]