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Seasonal Interest

  Finally it is starting to feel like winter. During this mild weather the birds, chipmunks, squirrels and others have had an extended harvesting and caching season. In some landscapes it is a struggle for resident winter wildlife to find food that will sustain them through the coldest seasons. Often when planning a landscape the […]

Drought Tolerant Plants for Sun

When last we talked plants, we explored the surpassingly diverse world of plants that tolerate dry shade. Today we visit plants that like it sunny and dry. Once considered a location suitable only for cacti, there are a wide variety of plants that will thrive in desert-like conditions. Below you will find plants that are […]

Larvae Love

In a recent conversation a man mentioned how caterpillars were devastating his trees. He had no idea what they were but just knew that no good could come of the chewed leaves and other evidence of life he was finding in his trees.  Now it is true that there are some truly destructive caterpillars and caterpillar-like […]

Native … to where? when?

We enthusiasts have a shorthand way of speaking. We say, “I use native plants”, and then sit back and smirk at our superior understanding of ecology and the good we’re doing the planet.  But really?  There are as many definitions of ‘native’ as there are gardeners, I’m afraid. Native to where?  Are you talking about […]

Form following function.

WHAT is the most useful size of plant to grow for customers wanting quality, utility, and economy?  That’s the first question we had to answer when we started our nursery over a decade ago. Woody shrub and tree propagators had been using deep liners to give their plants a great start.  Over a decade ago, New […]

Not new. Not American. Not garden.

Michael King’s recent blog post entitled Never New Gardening had me stewing for quite some time before responding.  He and I agree on one thing: that titles for garden trends will ultimately incite a downward spiral, ensuring that what begins by getting an increasing groundswell of support will almost certainly feel the sting of going out […]

Massing or mingling, a (somewhat) moot point.

My argumentative friend Paul vanMeter died February 6.  Suddenly, shockingly, he is gone.  He was an astute and opinionated observer of the intersection of culture and wildness, and a talented landscape designer who incorporated those lessons in big and beautiful ways. One of our last texting-conversations was about beginning this  blog.  I wasn’t sure what […]

Birth of a nursery.

Around the turn of the century (THIS century!  Sheez!), gardeners and designers and architects and ecologists were circling around some ideas about native plants.  They may have all had different definitions, and different reasons for wanting to use them, but they had one thing in common:  they wanted native plants, but they were hard to […]