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We Had Diarrhena

That’s right folks we had Diarrahena. Get your minds out of the bathroom, or off the cruise ship, honestly people – has this weather driven you mad? Diarrhena americana  otherwise known as American beakgrain, is a native grass found in moist woods in part to full shade. Sounds like a challenging location that is difficult […]

Carex pensylvanica

This post is not really about Carex pensylvanica. Apologies for the bait and switch but we figured calling the post Carex pensylvanica may be the only way to get folks to read on, if only accidentally, about another sedge option. You see, we here at New Moon Nursery have found high demand Carex pensylvanica, so much […]

The Holy Grail of Plants

Not much time goes by in our week before we are asked if we carry the holy grail of plants. You probably know these ‘dream’ plants. These are plants that will take nearly any growing condition and thrive with colorful flowers to boot. Mostly folks are looking for plants that can survive being inundated with water […]

Slow Season…What Slow Season? -or- Stop by and say Hello!

  There’s more to this plant growing business than sowing seeds and watering seedlings. During this time of the year is when we are out and about meeting new people and introducing them to New Moon Nursery. It can be a tough decision to make. Do we leave the farm, where seeds are being sown […]

Invasive Plants: We Sell Those

You can’t be in the native plant business without getting into a discussion about invasive plants. (There is also the discussion about what exactly is, and is not, a native plant but that is a post for another day.) A somewhat troubling trend we have noticed in these conversations is a tendency to see these […]

Retailer Spotlight: Chesapeake Natives, Inc

We like to use the Retailer Spotlight to highlight places where home gardeners can purchase native plants. We, of course, are a wholesale nursery meaning we supply our plants to the trade. Though we do not supply plants at retail, we are thrilled to introduce you to the many great establishments all along the east coast […]

Drought Tolerant Plants for Sun

When last we talked plants, we explored the surpassingly diverse world of plants that tolerate dry shade. Today we visit plants that like it sunny and dry. Once considered a location suitable only for cacti, there are a wide variety of plants that will thrive in desert-like conditions. Below you will find plants that are […]