Other Native Plant Blogs: The Natural Web

Honey Bee on Eupatorium coelestinum

Honey Bee on Eupatorium coelestinum , Hardy Ageratum

For an understanding of native plants in a greater context and some stunning photos visit Mary Anne Borge’s blog The Natural Web.

According to her bio on her site, Mary Anne Borge “is a freelance naturalist, writer, photographer and educator, living in New Jersey.  I teach classes about native plants, and about the relationships between plants and animals (including humans!).  I’m an instructor at Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve, a Pennsylvania Master Naturalist, and the Associate Editor of Butterfly Gardener, a magazine published by the North American Butterfly Association.  My photographs have been featured in numerous publications.”

Why We Recommend the Blog?

Photos  –  Did we mention the incredible photos on this site? If you would like to count every feather on a woodpecker or see exactly how many scales an acorn cap has, this is a site for you. Mary Anne has a way of capturing the beauty of nature in amazing closeups.

Connections – This is a blog about the connections of plants and animals and people. So often people are selecting plants for personal reasons, aesthetic and seasonal preferences. But the reason we are planting natives is because they support the greater system of which we are a part. Take a wander into Mary Anne’s blog for a reminder of this.

Details –  Have you noticed ants drinking from small galls on oak trees? Mary Anne has. What is great about this blog is that is gets you thinking about the big picture and makes you want to seek the small details that tie everything together.

Like the Flatbush Gardener, Mary Anne has presented at the Native Plants in the Landscape Conference at Millersville. She gives thoughtful presentations accompanied by her stunning photos throughout the season. Be sure to subscribe to her blog and attend a talk or two. Visit Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve, you may just see her and her camera out capturing the mystery of our ecosystems.

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