Birth of a nursery.

Around the turn of the century (THIS century!  Sheez!), gardeners and designers and architects and ecologists were circling around some ideas about native plants.  They may have all had different definitions, and different reasons for wanting to use them, but they had one thing in common:  they wanted native plants, but they were hard to find in the trade.  Garden centers were hesitant to stock them and wholesale nurseries weren’t convinced they should be growing them.

James Brown and Kim Kitchen took notice.  Growing up in the mid-Atlantic region, they were attached to the flora and fauna of the fields and ditches and woodlands of their youth.  They worked in a Pennsylvania nursery where they met and fell in love with growing and selling native plants, and along the way, they met and fell in love with each other, too.

They talked about starting their own family and starting their own nursery.  And in 2003, they did it.


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